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Save the $9.00 CD-Rom charge when you choose "Download" delivery

 1) Are you a NEW customer, or are you UPGRADING?

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       Prices shown are for DOWNLOAD delivery.  For CD-ROM delivery, see below.

STANDARD edition:
       5 Golfers                 New customer  $29.95     or    upgrade prices
                   Please note:  our 5-golfer software is suitable for tracking a single golfer or small group.
                        It calculates per USGA / RCGA handicap formulas but
does not print handicap cards.
                  All other software editions and sizes do print handicap cards.
       20 Golfers                New customer  $39.95    or    upgrade prices
       100 Golfers              New customer  $69.95    or    upgrade prices
       Unlimited Golfers      New customer  $99.95    or    upgrade prices

(Includes all Standard edition features, plus additional features)
       20 Golfers               New customer    $49.95    or    upgrade prices
       100 Golfers             New customer    $79.95    or    upgrade prices
       Unlimited Golfers     New customer  $119.95    or    upgrade prices

CLUBHOUSE edition:
(Includes all League / Tournament edition features, plus additional features)
       100 Golfers             New customer   $149.95    or    upgrade prices
       Unlimited Golfers     New customer   $219.95
    or    upgrade prices

 3) Choose Download, CD-ROM, (or Both) delivery:

Before choosing: most customers select Download because ...
      -  it costs less,
      -  your software license allows burning a CD for backup,
      -  you can re-download from this site should your software be lost,
      -  free updates (provided from time to time) require download even if you receive a CD initially.

DOWNLOAD (recommended):  Prices shown above apply.  You will receive e-mail instructions to download your software.  Size is about 5 MBytes.

CD-ROM:  $9.00 additional charge applies.  Available only within the USA. You will receive a CD-ROM by first-class mail (please contact us for Fedex overnight or 2-day delivery).

BOTH:  Same price as CD-ROM delivery.  Available only wiithin the USA.  You will receive download instructions via e-mail, and a CD-ROM via first-class mail

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 If you would like an order confirmation, please
send us an email with "confirm order" as the subject.

For billing/shipping addresses within New Jersey, we are required to charge 7% sales tax.

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